Endurance Fosters Performance

(9/26/2015 3:32 p.m. Pennsylvania) It is a nice afternoon…Sun shine looks like welcoming fall season. Having lunch, I laid down on the sofa, turned on the television while waiting for the laundry. I was surprised when turned on the TV and saw soccer match between Newcastle United V.S Chelsea. Yeah..it was afternoon (9/26/15) in my second country, but it was midnight (9/27/15) in my home country. I am writing here just to tell you what I have learned from that match. One thing surprised me was Chelsea would be beaten by Newcastle United. That  I was thinking about that game since Newcastle United scored Chelsea 2 goals. However, I was wrong since Chelsea managed it draw. Ramirez and William saved Chelsea in the last 10 minutes. What I learned from that game is endurance fosters performance. I could see how Chelsea hold the collaboration among the players prior to catching up the score. Yes, it took time to see the result and sometimes the result was not like our expectation. However, Chelsea’s story showed us that success takes time. Success is about struggle. Success needs endurance collaboration. How endure our collaboration, how close us with our goals. Chelsea proved it. Even though it left behind by Newcastle United, Chelsea made it. In the organizational context, whatever is the organization, public or private. All need good collaborations. When we understand factor support endurance of collaborations, it may bring us close to better understand performance.

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